Character Profile – Connor

Connor Atlas  

  • Cybernetic Operations – Cy-Op Unit 1929.15.01 – Authority Substation Delta-005
  • Mid 40’s Male 6 ft 1, 200 lbs
  • Firm, rugged build with lean lines
  • Close shaved head
  • No facial hair
  • Dark, brown hard eyes
  • Handsome but a haggard look on his face like someone who is trapped and sees no way out.
  • Cy-Op standard uniform
  • Background: Connor has an ex-military background that he doesn’t share. He’s no stranger to combat. When the Authority took over, he challenged their rule fiercely along with the rest of his unit. They were gunned down in a final showdown with Authority forces. Connor was revived however and forced into Authority service. As punishment he was thrown in menial Cy-Ops. Connor is desperate to find a path to freedom and has taken the risk of working with Chaos Bytes and Ash Lawson. Ash has promised that she can override the “chip” and give Connor back his freedom.

Connor Small

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