Character Profile – Ash

Ash Lawson – aka “CrAsh”  

  • Hacker for Chaos Bytes liberation faction
  • Late 20’s Asian Female 5 ft 8, 130 lbs
  • Average build.
  • She’s a hacker but she can run when she has to.
  • Shoulder length black hair, slicked back
  • Dark eyes
  • Multiple tattoos on her arms and neck,  breaking chains and technology No Dragons.
  • Punk fashion, flaunting her outcast status
  • Background: Ash’s Mother was an original member of the Frontiers of Information Freedom (the group that originally founded the Authority). Ash was taught hacking from a very early age, however in her early teens her mother disappeared. Ash firmly believes the Authority had her killed. A small cabal at the top of the Authority staged a coup to take control for themselves. Ash rebelled hard as she grew older without her mother and had no relationship with any father type. Her constant goal is to strike at the Authority’s control of the Net and any bring their oppression to the world’s attention. Ash is a key founding member of Choas Bytes

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