Character Profile – Constantine

Constantine Rex  

  • Grandfather of Sasha and Samuel
  • Old school industry / shipping billionaire
  • 60’s Male 5 ft 10, 180 lbs
  • A stocky, bruiser kind of build
  •  Slicked back steel grey hair
  • Handlebar mustache Dressed impeccably in 3 piece suit
  • Background: Constantine survived the Authority’s takeover of all things technology by making sure to stick with old school industrial and shipping businesses. He slowly navigated the new world order and built a shipping empire by playing by the Authority’s rules but never losing sight of what they were capable of. Constantine’s oldest son and his wife died in a tragic accident, but he’s always suspected it was no accident at all and that the Authority was responsible. He raised his grandchildren from that point on. Constantine is a “rogue” meaning an un-authorized cybernetically enhanced individual. All his modifications were done illegally using the black market. He also secretly had the twins modified without their knowledge using advanced nano technology. They have no idea what powers they possess. Constantine believes it is only a matter of time before conflict starts and he wants to twins to have every advantage.

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