Chaos in the Web

So, if you’ve happened to find our site over the last few months, you may have noticed it keeps changing. Now, I don’t mean the content is changing. You expect to see a blog site change frequently. This site has been changing it’s appearance radically on a daily basis.

Thankfully, I think that is now at an end. I have somehow managed to harness the squirrel-on-energy-drinks that controls my mind! The Squirrel and I have decided this design is best for our studio and we can finally start adding the content we want to share!

If you have any interest in the mad ramblings or a poor and lowly writer who has too many stories running around his mind, welcome! I’ll share experiences, ideas, and just general things I’ve found useful over the last few years of trying to get my own projects off the ground.


I am not a professional. I am a purely indie creator, so take everything with a grain or twelve of salt!


~ Jeff

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