Introducing Invisible Webs!

What would you do to be free? What if you didn’t realize you were in a prison? What if you were trapped in the Invisible Web?

Cover C

Invisible Webs is an exciting new Sci Fi comic adventure!

The Matrix meets the Killjoys.

It’s the year 2062. Ten years ago the “Dark War” raged across the entire world. It wasn’t fought with soldiers, bombs or bullets; it was fought with hackers. When the smoke cleared, a shadowy organization known as the Authority dominated all electronic systems and networks around the globe. Finance, media, elections; they rule it all.

Their control is about to unravel.

Connor – A former Spec Ops soldier, trapped in an Authority cage.

Ash – A vigilante hacker avenging her Mother’s memory.

Sasha and Samuel – Twin heirs to a billion dollar industrial fortune.

The path to chaos can come from anywhere.

Pg3 Bottom Panel Colors


“Imagine if you could send your enemies into the Dark Ages with just the flick of a switch. That’s the kind of power the Authority has.

The Invisible Web connects every network and every device; and the Authority controls it. How do we fight something like that?”  –  Ash “CrAsh” Lawson

“This is the Authority’s world, we just live in it.”  –  Constantine Rex


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